How the Panthers 2010 Free Agents will be affected without the CBA

I previously posted a general look at how the Panthers organization would fair beyond the 2010 season without a salary cap. In continuing to think about his topic I realized that we have a slew of players in their last contract year. Trying to negotiate a new contract with no cap next year and uncertain future will be extremely complicated.

With the new provision of having to acquire six accrued seasons of NFL experience to become a UFA instead of the current four I was wondering how many would fall into this category.


Here's a list of all the players in their last contract year for the 2009 season.

Player (Pos) Years Pro After 2009 Season
Under six accrued seasons
Nick Hayden (DT) 2
Kevin McMahan (WR) 2
Lorenzo Williams (DT) 2
Kenneth Moore (WR) 3
Nate Salley (S)
James Anderson (LB) 4
Jason Carter (WR) 4
Rhys Lloyd (K) 4
Matt Moore (QB) 4
Quinton Teal (S) 4
C.J. Wilson (CB)
Jeff King (TE) 5
Richard Marshall (CB) 5
Six and over accrued season
Thomas Davis (LB) 6
Tyler Brayton (DE) 8
Josh McCown (QB) 9
Julius Peppers (DE) 9
Keydrick Vencent (G) 10
Jake Delhomme (QB) 12
Muhsin Muhammad (WR) 15


Here is how the numbers breakdown: 20 total players subject to become FA, 13 that will be under the six year rule and 7 players over. Of the first 13, those with 2 & 3 years are unaffected by the new rule (since they would still be RFA under the current rules), its those with 4 & 5 accrued season it will affect.

The two biggest names of out this group are TE Jeff King and CB Richard Marshall. King was tendered this year and this means, if he doesn't sign a new contract this year, we can use the tender on him again next year. Marshall is in the last year of his contract. If he makes good use of this year and proves he is starter quality, we can use the a tender on him as well if he doesn't want to sign long term.

It will be interesting to see how we handle the rest in this group. CB C.J. Wilson has been a project Fox may like to continue to see develop. With the safety positions locked in with Chris Harris and Charles Godfrey, S Quinton Teal definitely would continue as a backup. Since he wasn't drafted he would get a low tender.

QB Matt Moore and K Rhys Lloyd would be a difficult decision. Moore is in a tough spot, fans want him to play, but bringing in McCown last year didn't show a lot of confidence. Although since Fox likes to have a veteran backup, maybe you can't read a lot into it. But if they think Moore is the future it sure is hard to tell.  Fox and his QB will always be a mystory. Lloyd was definately a benefit last year but every year we have to ask, is the roster spot worth it? Most will probably say yes.

WR Jason Carter wasn't drafted but if he continues this year the way his 2008 preseaseon was going be in for a tender next year if not a full long term contract. His recently signed contract was probably a one year deal. And that leave LB James Anderson. He was given a tender this year and because he knows the system could be give a tender next year.

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