Panthers Get Opening Weekend Snub

The NFL 'leaked' a few of their prime time opening weekend match-ups and the Panthers are not slotted for any of them. 'Snubbed' is what some might call it. Not that I care very much. A 1pm time slot on Sunday will do just fine. Hell, send us to the West Coast again and let's see if we can win another thriller.

The season starts with this match-up:



Thursday, September 10th, 8:30 p.m. on NBC: Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. Should be a good one.

Some other games they preferred:

The NFL generously released a few other games, too. The Sunday night game of the opening weekend on NBC will be Bears vs. Packers. It's a little blah, but this time of year, just about any football game sounds good.

The opening Monday night doubleheader on ESPN will feature Tom Brady and his New England Patriots hosting Terrell Owens and his Buffalo Bills. I'll be holding a candlelight vigil every night between now and then, hoping that somehow Tony Kornheiser will not be allowed to call that game for ESPN. Between Brady and Owens, I'm not sure I can handle it. The public is invited. Please bring your own candles.

The other end of the Monday Night doubleheader will be the Oakland Raiders hosting the San Diego Chargers. They tried that one back in 2006, too ... it didn't go so well for the Raiders.

Ooops, I forgot to include this tidbit in the initial post which helps make sense of my picture and related comment:

They announced the Thanksgiving games, too, and good news, Detroit fans: The NFL has not yet taken Thanksgiving away from you. You'll be beaten by the Packers in the early game, and the Cowboys will be beating the Raiders in the afternoon game.

Thanksgiving Day in Oakland? Yeah, I find this guy very Thanksgivingyy, let's break bread with him!


Of course pretty boy Tom Brady is going to be in a featured game in what will surely be a triumphant return, unless you live outside Boston. 

So I wonder if the Panthers are going to get another Monday Night Home game? I bet instead we are on the road at Tampa or Atlanta. We should get at least one Sunday Night game too given the 12-4 record. We may have to wait for the answer for a little bit since the Panthers 2008 schedule was announced on April 15th.

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