Panthers Spank Giants 41-9 to Close out Giants Stadium

I couldn't have scripted this game any better. Where to start? How about the QB? Matt Moore came out slinging it and it really messed up the Giants defensive game plan. Moore hit 15 of 20 passes for only 171 yards but most importantly 3 TDs. RB Jonathan Stewart had another career day as he just ripped the Giants run defense. Whether it was between the tackles or on the edges the Giants had no answer for the powerful Stewart.  

The defense continued its good play again by creating turnovers and limiting the big plays after the Giants initial drive. In fact, after the fumble that ended the Giants first drive they did nothing until the 4th quarter. By then the game was out of hand as the Panthers nursed a four score lead.

Let's recap today's Panther heroes:

  • QB Matt Moore finished with 15 of 20 completed for 171 yards and 3 TD. His QB rating of 139.8 is the highest for a Panther QB in recent memory. Moore also showed some good pocket presence and made good decisions to throw the ball away when nothing was there.
  • RB Jonathan Stewart took 28 carries for 206 yards and a TD. He performance will be recorded in Panther lore.
  • WR Steve Smith (5 for 60, TD) may have added to his resume with a TD after taking a big shot to the arm (broken?). He didn't return but played long enough to make a big impact.
  • WR Musin Muhammad chipped in with 3 receptions for 56 yards and a TD
  • FB Brad Hoover got 9 carries for 37 yards and a TD as the Hoover was running over people
  • DE Julius Peppers got an early hit and sack on Manning and added 3 tackles
  • LB Jon Beason had 9 tackles, 4 assists, a sack and a key forced fumble that started the Panther onslaught
  • CB Richard Marshall had 9 tackles and added an INT that was a really nice play on the ball
  • SS Chris Harris had 4 tackles and an INT to seal it in the end

Wow what a game. The Panther played inspired ball from the time the defense forced its first turnover all the way to the end. I still can't believe Stewart put up 200 yards all the while breaking tackles and carrying defenders for extra yardage.
So this performance leaves us with some big questions.

Has HC John Fox done enough to return? I would say yes.

Has Matt Moore done enough to earn the starters job in 2010? I would say he is real close. A 139 QB rating is not luck. The kid played well.

Let's hear from you Panther fans.

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