Matt Moore Scouting Report

I thought this was needed. I am not just taking this from Sunday's game, but from every bit of film I've seen of him.
Let's see if we have a starter in the making. 


  • He has a strong arm, he can throw it deep and deliver it with adequate zip at the second level of the defense.
  • He has some wheels, he can move out of the pocket and extend the play.
  • He has the ability to avoid the sack and scramble.
  • Throws a pretty deep ball, connecting more often than not.
  • He knows how to check the ball down, makes good decisions most of the time.
  • His pocket awareness is okay, he gets rid of the ball when needed.
  • Has a very quick release.
  • Good mechanics, will not throw off his back foot very often. Mostly on screens and check downs while under pressure.
  • Can execute the bootleg pass.


  • He will sail passes far too often on the short to intermediate passes, this may speak of very little arm control.
  • He looks jittery in the pocket, even with protection.
  • He doesn't have much confidence, nor does he audible out of a pass to the conservative call earlier this season, and he goes to his check down rather quickly.
  • He doesn't go completely through his reads (see above)
  • He has the wheels to extend the play, but doesn't (see above and above that)
  • He doesn't have much pocket awareness, he took two blindside sacks where he could have gotten away.
  • He doesn't throw well on the run, his arm really gets away from him.
  • I question his work ethic.
  • He doesn't take charge at the line of scrimmage, audible, line shifts, adjustments. All of the little thing's that are the difference between a check down and a 20 yard completion, a 2 yard carry or a 30 yarder.

I struggle to phrase this, he doesn't really seem to be the type of guy who will bring you back from behind in the fourth quarter.

Summary: Moore is a strong armed, mobile quarterback, who makes good decisions. He will struggle with his accuracy and confidence though. His pocket presence could also stand to be improved. He won't lose you the game.

Player Comparison: Tony Romo I hate to say it, but Moore reminds me of Romo in more than one way. Both are cool guys, calm, collected, mobile, strong arms. Both occasionally struggle with accuracy. Both let defeat and crap shrug off their shoulders, which in the NFL has to be necessary because of all the flak you'll catch, but at the same time I think both struggle with confidence and faith in their abilities. Moore can still overcome that, as he is a young guy and he has a chance to build his confidence, but I think that is what we have here.

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