Great Job on the win Panthers! Now here's why I still think we should fire Jeff Davidson.

What is there to say?

I'm going to repeat the same thing that I've said since the beginning of the season. This is a championship caliber team. It always has been, and they've proved it yesterday against the Vikings. We have too much talent at too many areas of the game to not be able to slaughter anything the NFL throws at us. At the beginning of the season, we only had 3 small holes in an otherwise superb unit. QB, WR, and DT.

We solved the hole at DT in Week 3 or 4 by signing Hollis Thomas, and our defensive line has been unstoppable ever since. If Matt Moore can consistently have the day that he had against the Vikings, we'll also have a answer at QB. The only other hole we have is at WR, but we have an uncoverable receiver in Steve Smith so that nullifies our weakness there a good bit. As long as we can hit Steve Smith on the deep ball 2-3 times a game, we should be good to go.

Yet in spite of our win against the Vikings, as wonderful as it was, we still have to blame the people upstairs for placing us in a position to not make a serious run at the playoffs. Just imagine how it would feel right now if we had Matt Moore as our QB and our record was 8-6 or 9-5 instead of 6-8? We'd all be throwing fits right now. The Panthers would be in perfect position for a Wildcard, a remake of the 2003 run to the Super Bowl. Our storyline would be perfectly written out.

But instead we're 6-8, and regardless of our win against the Vikings, we still have to place full blame on the offensive coordinator, and John Fox for not being able to pull him aside and slap him in the face a few times.

Settle down for a moment after this big win, and ponder with me for a moment. Ponder this: What would have happened if Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart had been given 20 more carries against the Cowboys, the Bills, and the Dolphins. We came into those games with a pass heavy offense where Jake threw a combined 119 passes for 2 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. In spite of Jake struggling, we still decided to give the ball to him time and time again. He rewarded us by killing drives, and Jeff Davidson in turn rewarded him by giving him the ball to throw yet again the next drive.

I don't want to cry over spilled milk here, but doesn't that sound kind of stupid to you? Doesn't there reach a point in time where you realize that you don't have a Quarterback, and you start to depend more on the running game?

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that our team has risen to the heights that I believed they could go. I am. I'm proud of them, and it brings me a great amount of joy to see them thump Brett Favre and his Vikings. But at the same time, we deserve so much more than this. If we had been calling the plays off our team's strength for the entire year, we'd be 8-6 or 9-5 right now and ready to make a run at the playoffs. Instead, Jeff Davidson was too stubborn to change his playcalling, and he continued to pass the ball no matter who was behind center. It was almost as if he felt like he should call his game plan regardless of whether it worked or not, as if he cared about the mere principle of running it more than actually winning the football game.

In the end he let the NFL, a passing league, define us instead of allowing the Panthers to define themselves. That is why we have a losing record. That is why we are not going to the playoffs.

And that is why Jeff Davidson needs to be fired.

I'll cheer our victory tomarrow and the rest of the week though! Just thought I'd get my own personal opinion out there first. I just finished off my last high school credit by the way. I'm a high school graduate.

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