Panthers Fox Needs to Go with the Hot Hand at Free Safety

So John Fox is still mum on who will start at FS against the Saints this week if previous starter Charles Godfrey is recovered from his ankle injury.

"The guy played well," Fox said. "We're leaning on some young guys in a lot of different areas. (Cornerback) Captain Munnerlyn played 50 plays in the game, and he's a rookie. For Sherrod Martin to go in there against a very potent passing attack and manage the game as a safety, which you're very involved with as far as calls — situation calls, down-and-distance calls — I thought he ran around and played pretty well."

That's a freaking understatement. In his rookie season FS Charles Godfrey had 5 passes defensed and 1 INT in 16 starts. Maybe that is not bad for a rookie but at the same time it gave no indication that he had 'ball-hawk' type of instincts either. Through 6 games this season he has onE 1 pass defensed and no INT's. That just ain't getting it done.

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I still think Godfrey is a good athlete who can contribute to this team, the only question is where?

"You have to train guys at different spots; we just don't throw them out there," Fox said. "He's kind of a tweener guy. He was in college, both as a corner and as a safety. It's a good skill set to have, a little bit like Charles Godfrey when we took him a couple of years ago. He had training at both. The problem was he got set back due to injury."

Okay, so we have two guys with similar measurables and experience coming out of college. Yet one seems more suited for tackling and playing man coverage (Godfrey) and the other seems to take better angles on the ball and has great hands (Martin). Seems a little obvious that Martin is better suited for FS and Godfrey for SS or even CB.

Okay, it's only one game Jaxon I can hear you saying now. But what a game! And what a spark for the secondary!

So is this a tough decision Panther fans?

"Right now, he'll be day-to-day, and we'll make those decisions as we go," Fox replied when asked if Godfrey would keep his job. Asked what in the world that non-answer meant, Fox said: "It means I'm not going to answer that."

In true Fox style he is declining to answer a question at this point but I think just the fact he is declining says he is leaning towards keeping Martin as the starter.

So what say ye Panther fans?

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