Jets Ground the Panthers 17-6

This story line is getting old: The Panther defense plays well enough for the win but the offense turns the ball over repeatedly and can't finish drives when they do manage to get in the red zone. The Panthers tried a new wrinkle this week as they opened the game using the no huddle. It makes me wonder if they Panther brass has been reading this blog as many here have been asking for that. Of course if that were true Jake wouldn't be the starter week to week. Yet rather than create an edge for the offense it created confusion, last minute play changes and sloppy play.

So here's the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good

The good was the defense holing the Jets offense to 10 points for the game. Though they were constantly being put back on the field due to turnovers they limited the Jets to 154 yards passing and created 3 turnovers. Chris Gamble had a very nice INT and Julius Peppers and Chris Harris forced fumbles. Though the rush defense was not spectacular giving up 138 yards on the ground they played well enough, giving up a long run of 16 yards to the #2 rushing offense in the league.

The Bad

The bad has to go to the Panthers offense line, where Double Trouble managed only 75 yards between the two of them. They also allowed three sacks and let defenders get penetration all day. I'm sure part of the blame falls with the offensive game plan but in the end simply running the ball would not have been enough today. The Jets played fast on defense and seemed to always have the underneath routes well covered. In spite of the absence of Kris Jenkins the Panthers still could not manage much running off the guards.

The Ugly

The ugly is obvious and that is the QB play of Jake Delhomme. The Panthers again chose to let Jake heave it long and every time he did it got picked as the ball was under thrown. Sure the first one, a pick 6 was a fluke bounce, but the point is it was a busted route due to play change at the LOS. What aggravated me most was the Chinese fire drill at the LOS constantly which in the end didn't seem to fool the Jets at all.

So the Panthers season is all but dead at 4-7 and playing like total crap on offense. It is time for the Panthers to look inward and start planning for the future. Once this last disappointment is digested the Panthers will have some tough decisions to make on both sides of the ball. The first has got to be who starts under center because this is getting too painful to watch, but of course I will watch it anyway.

Honorable Mention

Captain Munnerlyn had a very nice punt return of 37 yards as special teams played well on returns and coverage outside of one kick off return for 38 yards. A better day for special teams.

DE Tyler Brayton had one of his best days as a Panther with 7 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

So what else does Panther Nation have to say about this latest defeat?  

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