Gather 'round the table Carolina Panthers fans: What are you thankful for?


I'm going to be honest; my weekly mojo is all thrown off. The Thursday night game turned Friday into Monday where I was optimistic, as a result Sunday became hump day in my mind and while other teams were playing I was trying to prognosticate; it's been difficult.

Now, I don't know if Wednesday counts as a hump day. With a majority of the working world getting a Thanksgiving Holiday, and a lot of people taking off the following day I don't know if there's a real hump to get over. In short: It's a tough week for an optimistic Australian whose feeling a little lost.

In my lost stupor I began thinking about all the typical thanksgiving stuff: Where I would watch the games? What I would bring for the meal? What pants would I wear that would allow both maximum comfort while not going for the full ‘sweatpants look'? Finally, what am I thankful for this year?

Well, there are numerous personal things I could add to this list as I've been comparably very lucky in a year where a lot of people saw hardship; much like our football team. Even as we sit at 4-6 Carolina Panther fans have a lot to be thankful for, especially after seeing some of the other hardships around the NFL.

So Panther fans, let's gather ‘round the table and talk about what we're thankful for from our football team...

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I am thankful for Double Trouble: It's a wonderful thing to get to see two running backs in their prime suit up each and every week for the Carolina Panthers. Most teams would salivate over having one of our RBs, but to have both of them is sublime. I raise my glass that they stay in Carolina a long, long time.


I am thankful that I got to see the kind of player Thomas Davis is: I don't want to label Davis a ‘bust' before the 2009 season, because he was serviceable; but he was never the dominant, game changing LB he was before injury in 2009. As it looks like he'll hit free agency I fully expect the Panthers to tend him a fair offer, or at worst franchise him. I for one and happy we got to see his potential finally so the team could make a true evaluation of his position for the offseason.


I am thankful for Ron Meeks: We all had our doubts about his defense, but all in all Meeks showed that his scheme can, and will be very effective and potent; provided players are able to make their tackles.


I am thankful that our owner is not named Davis or Snyder: I detest drama. Whether it is in my personal life, or professional one I avoid drama like the Black Death. So when I hear conspiracy theories about Al Davis trying having potential spies to keep an eye on Tom Cable, or Dan Snyder not allowing paper bags to be brought into FedEx field I have a wry smile of glee and it makes the appreciate the Big Cat (Jerry Richardson) that much more.


I am thankful our coach has never appeared in ‘The Sopranos': No matter what kind of job you think Fox and Co. have done in 2009 aren't you relieved we don't have Eric Mangini? Fining players for drinking water from hotel refrigerators, creating locker room dissent, trading away good players for backups and role players; the list goes one. I for one will take Foxy any day!


I am thankful we don't have any blackouts: The Detroit Lions narrowly avoided a local blackout for the Thanksgiving Day game. Think about that for a second, if you lived in Detroit there was a real threat you wouldn't see the Lions play on Thanksgiving Day. I have family in Jacksonville, FL and only recently have they been able to see a Jaguars game on TV. Say what you will about the ‘wine and cheese crowd' in Charlotte, but they make sure I get to see the Panthers each and every week, and for that I'm thankful.


I am thankful we fly under the radar: There is nothing that scares me more than when we start to get national notoriety. Even though I might sound like Rodney Dangerfield n 11 months out of the year bemoaning that ‘We don't get no respect' in the end I always am scared to death when ESPN starts talking about the Panthers. We're back under the radar after the Miami loss. If there's ever a time for us to make a run it's now: being low and sleek like a stealth bomber.


There are so many more things I could list, but I want to open it up to the community. Let's join hands around the table and say what you're thankful for regarding your 2009 Carolina Panthers.

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