Foxhole, "Answering" some of the questions we've all had.

I found this Foxhole to be a bit more interesting than most. We typically get the same questions with very similar questions, however this one caught my eye as being a bit more precise as to what we've actually been discussing around here.

Oh, and by "answering" I do mean a coach doing what a coach does, addressing questions without giving way too much information.

On injuries: Out: Jordan Gross - ankle. Did not participate: Charles Godfrey - ankle, Brad Hoover - ankle, Charles Johnson - pectoral, and Jonathan Stewart - Achilles. Limited participation: Damione Lewis - shoulder.

On signing wide receiver Charly Martin from the practice squad: He's a guy that's been working real hard. He's out here practicing every day. He's definitely caught the coaches' eyes as far as what he's done on the practice field working against our first-unit defense. He's a bigger guy that could help in the kicking game as well as at receiver.

On preparing for a game on a short week: It's a quick turnaround. This is the first time we've ever done this. We turned down the tempo of practice some to get the guys refreshed and still try to get our work done. I thought guys moved around really well today and seemed pretty into it. They looked good today, and, hopefully, we can cram two days work in tomorrow. I thought today we handled it well.

On the challenges of playing on a short week: One thing about this league is they've got the same schedule. If they had four extra days rest, I'd be a little more nervous. Both teams have to operate under it. To try to refresh guys the best you can and still get your work in - it's a fine line. Time will tell.

On having a limited amount of time to get ready for the Dolphins' Wildcat offense: We've been preparing for it all season. We played them in the preseason. That wasn't even ridiculously close to how we'll play them this time. I think we've got a good plan, and we'll see how well we execute it. But this wouldn't be the first week we've practiced it.

On the development of guard Mackenzy Bernadeau: He was here all year last year. I thought he was a fine, young prospect. The offensive line is a little bit like quarterback in that it takes a little bit of time to get used to all of the calls and schemes. He's been our lineman in waiting so to speak all season long and he would have been our first guy in on any injury. Unfortunately, we did have that injury, so he steps in. He's a guy we feel good about, and I know he's excited about playing this week.

On Bernadeau going from a small school (Bentley College) to starting in the NFL: I had a guy (Carlton Haselrig) similar like that when we were in Pittsburgh. He didn't play college football; he was a wrestler that developed. He's (Bernadeau's) got good leverage; he's a good athlete; and he's a smart guy. Those are three good combinations. Our staff has done a good job with him, and he's done a good job of picking everything up and doing it at a high level.

On Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne: He's athletic. He's big and strong. He does have a good arm. He's a young quarterback. Just like any quarterback in this league, you've got to be ready to play, and he's shown some good moments on tape. Hopefully, we'll be able to execute.

I find Charly Martin to be an interesting sign. Perhaps I am reading too much into what could have been a simple decision but I find it reassuring that they didn't feel the need to sign another tackle but instead are confident enough in their back-ups.

I also enjoy contemplating the idea that we are realizing our need for another WR. Of course, I don't expect a PS addition to see much, or any, playing time, much less make an impact, but who knows? Anything can happen in the NFL.

I really think we're going to be able to contain Miami, even on this short week. Especially when given consideration that they have got to contain Williams and Stewart, meanwhile we must simply contain another Williams and the Wildcat.

I hope Peppers is able to play more so than he did against Atlanta, though I doubt it if his hand is truly broken.

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