Panthers vs. Saints Highlights Discussion

As I was watching the highlights from the game I had the urge to point out some of the keys to the big plays that are being discussed or I just have a question that you may be able to help me with. As I watched the embedded clip (after the jump) I was left with the impression that our secondary gambled too much on the INT or simply just blew the coverage, something they had avoided pretty well most of the season.

So take a look at the clip and then my comments and lets see if we can agree on some of the fault or clear up some questions:

So for each of the key plays here's a tidbit that is not discussed shall we say:

1. On the D-Will 66 yard TD Williams stiff arms the DE who should have made the tackle. Great blocking from the o-line that just silences the crowd

2. The Brayotn sack and FF was just a great example of a non-stop motor, nice play

3. On D-Will 2nd TD the announcer correctly poitns out that C Ryna Kalil drove the NG out of the play. Kalil has been a star performer and could be a future PBer.

4. On J-Stew's fumble, how many times do you see a RB fighting for that last unneeded yard only to lose the ball. Just go down Stewart and take the loss!

5. CB Chris Gamble INT was made possible by the fact he knew he had deep coverage so he could gamble, no pun intended. Unfortunately Gamble rolls the dice later with no so good results.

6. On the Colston 45 yd catch down the sideline someone goes for the INT (Martin?) but misses. Gamble then makes the tackle. This play essentially allowed 3 points before the half.

7. On the 63 yard Henderson catch Chris Gamble got caught playing off on the slot receiver who then split the safeties who were out of position. Who more to blame for this one, Gamble, Harris or Martin?

8. On the Thomas 10 yd TD run someone runs up and whiffs on the tackle but I couldn't get a number? Harris or Martin is my guess.

9. On the 54 yd TD pass to Meachum Gamble does just that, gambles on the INT and misses. Did he think he had deep help but didn't? What annoyed me about the play was Gamble didn;t even make sure he had the tackle if he did miss and then he just continued to back peddle out of the play.

10. On the game winning drive Meachum again made a key 21 yd play, this time surprisingly wide open. Who blew the coverage? Its hard to say from the tape but hoping someone else can clarify.

11. On the Hargrove fumble recovery and TD he is obviously touched by Jeff King when on the ground but since the Panthers didn't have a TO they couldn't challenge. Not that is probably would made a difference but you never know.

I await your comments my friends...

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