Redskins vs. Panthers: Blogger Q&A

This is our next installment of Blogger Q&A with Redskins blogger KevinE from Hogs Haven. Kevin was kind enough to answer five of my questions without holding back about how he really feels! Be sure to look for my answers to his questions on his site later tomorrow.

Also, if you should have some questions of your own feel free to put them in the comments and then maybe we can get Kevin or his members to answer them over the next couple days.

So here we go:

Question 1: I imagine after the loss to the Lions there were many people calling for Jim Zorn's head. Has the victory over the Bucs tempered that? Does the fan base still have confidence in Zorn and this team to make a playoff push this year?

KevinE: People aren't really calling for his head. The real problem probably goes all the way to the top in that the Redskins are a team built via free agency that has CONTINUALLY avoided drafting Offensive linemen. The Skins most recent OL first round draft pick is Chris Samuels back in 2000. The offense has sputtered for so many years due to the inability to create running lanes and protect the QB. The real reason the Skins ended the year 2-6 last year is that the OL starters got injured and there was no quality depth to step in. Guess how many offensive lineman the Skins drafted last year? Zero.

So maybe the Panther run defense gets out of the ditch this week.

Question 2: It seems is wasn't too long ago QB Jason Campbell was looking much improved and the clear leader at QB for this team. I see he has a QB rating of 85 with 5 TD's and 5 INT's. Is Campbell still the QB of the future for this team? What is he doing right or wrong this season?

KevinE: It's obvious now that Jason Campbell is not the QB of the future. He is however a decent QB that doesn't make a lot of mistakes (save for last game). When your team has a shoddy OLine, you need a QB that can make plays out of nothing, ala Ben Roethlisberger. Jason Campbell is not that guy, but he has proven he can be an efficient passer. The Redskins fan base is still behind him for the most part.

I know many Panther fans have expressed a desire to go after Campbell if he becomes a free agent. Still feel that way?

Question 3: What's the latest with Clinton Portis? I see the Redskins are looking at Chris Henry. Is the running back situation that dire?

KevinE: It is dire. Clinton Portis is not the back he used to be. He is still a great runner that plays through injuries, but he no longer has the home-run threat every team needs. If he hits a hole with wide open space, the run won't go past 20 yards. In addition, he can't take the 30+ carries per game pounding like he used to, so the Skins are scrambling to find someone that can take some of the load off and effectively. 

The Panthers should expect to see plenty of Ladell Betts on Sunday who can still take it to the house.

Question 4: Who has been the biggest surprise on the team so far this season good or bad? Was the Albert Haynesworth deal still a good one in your view? (Okay that was 2 questions)

KevinE: Albert Haynesworth has been great so far. What's discouraging is the DE's that are drawing the 1-1's on the ends are not getting to the QB (Andre Carter and Phillip Daniels). Jeremy Jarmon, who we picked up in the supplemental draft (for a 3rd round pick next year), has been playing at a very high level. He's getting more and more snaps each week and he forced the game winning fumble last week.

Might we see more runs to the edge with Haynesworth in the middle? This should be a good test for C Ryan Kalil and the interior of the Panthers o-line.

Question 5: What do the Panthers need to do most effectively on both sides of the ball to get their first win on Sunday?

KevinE: Benching Delhomme should guarantee you a win, but realistically, not turning the ball over is the key. The Redskins are not an effective team in the red zone, so if you can limit your turnovers, and the number of chances the Redskins have in your zone, it will be a close game late. DeAngelo Hall has not been impressive so far, and our other corner, Carlos Rogers, is great at defending, but not catching, so getting the ball to Steve Smith as much as possible would be my game plan. Defensively, we are an easy team to game plan against. The right side of the Redskins oline can't run block, so the Panthers will take away the run left. Pressure on Campbell will win this game for you, and of course have all of Redskins Nation PLEADING for the front office to draft an offensive  lineman.

Oh the negative Delhomme perception is so widespread. I guess if we win with Delhomme at QB the Redskins demoralization will be complete huh? First the Lions, then Delhomme. It bet they would want Zorn's head then!

I big thanks to KevinE who runs a wildly popular site, one the best at SBN. Feel free to add your questions and comments.

Go Panthers!

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