It's time for a change

This is my first blog post here, so please bear with me and don't hate on me too much.

I'm sure all of you watched the game today and thought the same thing -- when is John Fox going to bench Delhomme and put in Matt Moore? How much worse does Delhomme have to play before a change is made? In my opinion, a change needs to be made now, before it's too late. The Panthers are not mathematically out of the playoff hunt just yet, but give Jake a few more weeks and they will be out of it before you can say Chris Weinke. More after the jump...

I know a lot of fans get reactionary when their favorite team loses a winnable game. The first thing that is usually said is "fire the coach", or "change the quarterback", or some other outcry from the fanbase. But, the fans of the Panthers have a legitimate beef with the way things are going in Charlotte at this point in the season. The Panthers had a chance to get back to .500 and back into the playoff hunt with a win against an inferior Bills team, but once again they were set back by the ineptitude of their starting quarterback.

Now, I am not a fan who goes off the deep end following a loss, and I'm not a fan who uses hyperbole to make my point. So, I am not going to say that Jake Delhomme is the worst quarterback in the league, because he isn't (statistically). But, he is one of the worst. The chart below illustrates the 5 worst quarterbacks in the league, based on passer rating. (These ratings do not include today's games.)


35 Derek Anderson 40.6
34 Josh Johnson 50.9
33 JaMarcus Russell 51.0
32 Mark Sanchez 56.7
31 Jake Delhomme 56.8


As one can see, Delhomme is certainly poor at the quarterback position so far this season. So poor, in fact, that two of the four quarterbacks that have worse ratings than Delhomme are rookies, and the other two play for the two laughing-stocks of the NFL. So what do these numbers and rankings mean?

Apparently they don't mean much to John Fox, because he is adamant in his desire to stick with Delhomme at quarterback. Obviously Fox doesn't look at statistics, because if he did he would feel the need to make a change at the most important position on the offense. And what has Delhomme brought to the table this season? Take a look at his stats below. (These stats do not include today's game against Buffalo.)


Delhomme 79 133 59.4 847 4 10


Clearly these are not statistics of a top-level quarterback in the NFL. If this were any other team, Delhomme would have been benched in favor of the backup. But why is Delhomme still the starting quarterback? What is it about Matt Moore that prevents him from getting a chance to lead the team?

At this point in the season, the Panthers must make a change before they are completely out of the playoff race. As it stands now they are a long shot to make the playoffs, but if they can get a some wins on the board over the next few weeks they can find themselves back in the hunt. Unfortunately they will not be able to do that with Delhomme under center, and I believe that John Fox will realize that next season when he is watching the Panthers play on Sundays from his recliner at home.

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