Panthers First OTA 'Rice Cake' Report

The Carolina Panthers began their Off-season Training Activities (OTA’s) Wednesday morning in Charlotte. The first reports have come out but I must warn you, keep your expectations low. The only outsiders allowed to observe are the beat writers who follow the strict code of silence for fear of losing their privileges. Consequently we get very little details on things that matter or that may actually interest us. Here's an analogy you may relate to: If Panther OTA reporting was a snack it would be a rice cake, it looks like it should be good but it tastes like nothing.

Here’s what John Fox had to say about the value of OTA’s :

"It gives us a chance to be on the field, coaching and getting to find out about our players," head coach John Fox said on May 13. "That can't be in pads, but (the summer school sessions) do help prepare you for training camp."


Sounds exciting. Hey John, how’s that offensive line adjusting to the changes? How’d Jarrett do in the classroom drills? (Silence) Ok…tell me about Jake’s elbow yet again.

Delhomme participated in team drills on the opening day of the team's optional workouts. Delhomme threw about 40 passes, up from the 34 he threw in individual drills during April's minicamp.

Sounds great, Jake should be ready to go in July. I've stopped worrying about it. Hey Marty, any more roster changes coming up?

The Panthers are "standing pat," according to Hurney, on making any roster moves now. Hurney said the team isn’t interested in defensive end Erasmus James, who was recently cut by the Minnesota Vikings. James, 25, is a former first-round pick whose career has been marred by injuries. -- David Scott

Hurney may not make any changes soon but I can’t imagine there won't be additional moves leading up to TC.

At 25 somebody will take a chance on Erasmus James if he can prove he’s healthy. I agree though he’s not a fit for the Panthers at this point. You never know though, if no one else can get the job done he could end up a Panther later. 

It is still early in OTA’s so I will restrain from further critique as more tasty information may be forthcoming. I obviously get frustrated with the lack of more ‘behind the scenes’, juicy information about these team activities. I’m not asking for new plays, formations or blitz packages. I would be happy with comments about team chemistry, player conditioning and depth chart changes. It’s too early to expect much but come on, Panther fans are dying for any glimmer of a pending playoff run. We want to believe very badly that things will come together this season that could be magical but so much hinges on a lot of assumptions. We need details!…please.

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