NFL Week 16 Early Game Open Thread - Panther Notes

This is an open thread for anything NFL on todays early games.I'll probably be flipping back and forth between the Chargers vs. Bucs and Saints vs. Lions. I actually have watched a few Lions games because of Calvin (hes fun to watch)  and I'm expecting him to have a big day today. If the Bucs lose they are out of the divisional race and have to hope for a WC. With the Cowboys loss that helps them big time if they can hold off the Chargers.

The Ravens suddenly look like contenders in the AFC. That defense is awesome, they can run the ball and finally...they have a QB in the rookie Flacco. They are going to contend in the playoffs.

So how's it feel to make up in the playoffs Panther fans! Three long years in the making but Fox, Hurney and their staff got it done. But they are not done yet! I'm still geeked about playing for home field tonight, going for win #12.

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Panther Notes:

"Here's the mystery of the whole thing," Rucker said. "Because as a society everything is about money and getting money fast ... it's different and it rings an alarm bell when somebody isn't chasing money.

"He's more worried about trying to get this championship. ...

  • FB Brad Hoovers addressed the offenses ability to make in-game adjustments:

"I think we're balanced enough that when somebody tries to take something away from us, we're able to capitalize and utilize and make them pay on the other side," Hoover said. "Whatever they try to do, we're going to try to take advantage of."

The Giants are more talented than the Broncos so it won;t be so easy this time.

  • Al Michaels lumps Steve Smith and Terrell Owens together:

“It gives you an idea what makes somebody tick, who they really are,” Michaels said. “You take somebody like Steve Smith or a Terrell Owens, and I am not lumping them together, but they project an image to the public. We can't get to know them inside out in a brief meeting, but I think we can get to know them on a certain level you can point things out to people and just say that the perception of the guy may be a little off.”

I think that is lumping Al.



Can WR Calvin Johnson Bring the Lions that coveted "W" and avoid the 0-16 infamy? Fantasy owners everywhere (including me!) hope he work some big magic.

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