What to expect against the Broncos.

Yeah Yeah....The Giants will be a good game. Wait! Who do we face this week?


We face the Broncos guys! Are you awake? Get out of your panzy dreamy playoff dreams and get back into reality! We face the Broncos this week and if we don't win this game then the game next week with the Giants doesn't matter! The Broncos have the #3 rated pass offense and if Jay Cutler gets into his mojo it's going to be hard to keep them from making this a game.

That's it. I've come out and said it, and it needed to be said. It just seems like everyone is in their little pink clouds today. People thinking too much of the future and not of what is happening right now. In short, they've forgotten all about Jay Cutler and the Broncos. The media is all focused on the Giants game a week from now and if we aren't careful our Panthers will get a big head and blow their first loss at home. That's the way the Panthers have historically played. When no one expects anything out of them they play good football, and when they have the attention of the national media all of the sudden they turn into the biggest letdowns the world has ever seen.

Remember 2003? No one knew about the Panthers. They were the wildcard team that snuck into the playoff, crouched in the grass and awaiting their prey. They quietly win again and again, and then suddenly it's "Oh my god! The Panthers are going to the Super Bowl!" In 2004 SI selected the Carolina Panthers as their preseason pick to win the Super Bowl. Big deal. Everyone is freaking out. The Panthers cannot be stopped! The revolution of the biggest show on turf from a couple years earlier. 8-8 epic fail. In 2005 the media started to pay a bit more attention to them when they made it to the NFC championship, and then the Panthers drop the game fairly easily to the Seattle Seahawks. We have to learn from these mistakes, and though we are still fans this is a time for us to pay more attention to the Panthers than ever. This is a time for us to be critical, to bash on them for the smallest of mistakes. It keeps them sharp while the rest of the media sings their praises and kisses their rear.

Don't underestimate the Broncos. Jay Cutler has been a great QB ever since they discovered that he had diabetes. He's been a good QB all along, but once he found out that there was a reason he felt like his body was about to collapse every day he matured into something legendary. He already has more yards, passing completions, touchdowns, and pass attempts than he has had all of last year. Part of that reason is because their rushing attack has collapsed.((They've lost 6 RB's to injury.)) The rest of the reason is that he can just get the job done.

The coaching staff has done a great job of putting together a patchwork offense centered around Jay Cutler. As a result, Jay Cutler has won the support of the media and the fans as where before they used to put pictures in the newspaper as silly as the one listed below whenever he had a bad game.


This guy has limitless potential. The Broncos have nearly clinched a playoff birth all because of him. They have no defense, no rushing attack, the offensive line is suspect. ((On the subject of run blocking. Pass blocking is excellent.)) All that is certain with the Broncos is Jay Cutler and his recievers. Without this guy, this team would have fallen apart long ago. It goes without saying that Jay Cutler is a long term QB, and he'll be with this franchise till his career ends.

Look forward to this game. The Broncos will have to fight hard to keep up with the Panthers, especially without a defense. If the Panthers pass defense holds its own, this should be a blowout as long as aggressive plays continue to be called.

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