The Good, Bad, and Ugly from Panthers loss

Pretty obvious, but I find I don't want to talk much about this game. I want to put it behind me as quickly as possible, as I'm sure the team does as well. That was sickening. I think the Panthers defensive bus got lost yesterday and they had to pull in scrubs. I knew that last week the Defense didn't play it's best game, but there is no way to foresee that fourth quarter meltdown yesterday. It's these types of games that make you question the team you have. If it wasn't for the previous 10 games I would. I don't envy Jaxon having to watch the game again to hand out grades, if he even needs too. Although I wouldn't mind watching just the 2nd and 3rd quarter and calling the game at 11 minutes left in the 4th.

The Bad

Slow Start - Once again the Panthers couldn't find their way out of the starting gate. The gun was fired but gate didn't open. Atlanta drove 70 yards on it first possession to go up 3-0, by the end of the first quarter the Panthers were down 10-0. Also at the end of the 1st quarter we had a total of 0 net yards. Can you call that a total?

Special Teams - Sure, if that's what you want to call it. On six kick-offs only two were for touchbacks. On six punts it was a net average of 27.0 yards. They also allowed the game ending and lifeblood sucking punt return TD. Before that, yes Turner had just scored a TD on their last drive, but being down 10 is much better than 17. It pretty much put us right back to where we started.

3 Sacks allowed - Delhomme found himself on the ground 3 times, tied for 2nd most this season (5 Minnesota, 3 Chicago)

Ugly Defensive meltdown - This one deserves bullet points of it's own. (From

  • 45 points allowed, 38 offensive points - Most points allowed by the Panthers, ever
  • 6 TD allowed - 2nd most allowed in one gave, ever
  • 5 rushing touchdowns - most allowed in any game, ever
  • 4 Michael Turner rushing TD - Most allowed by one player, ever
  • 24 points by Turner - Most allowed to one player, ever
  • 28 points in one quarter - Ties most ever points allowed by Carolina in one quarter, 09/10/1995 against Buffalo 3rd quarter, 10/03/1999 against Washington in 2nd quarter. Lost all games.

Is there anything else to say.

The Good

Yes there were some positives from yesterday, they were just greatly overshadowed by the bad.

Offense Pulled together - The offense put up 28 points and cut the lead to three points early in the 4th quarter.

2 point conversion - Our first two point conversion attempt this season was successful.

Jake Delhomme - After the last two weeks, Delhomme put up decent numbers again. 21 of 35 for 295 yards and 1 TD. Plus he added a 12 yard rushing touchdown of his own. He moved the ball around completing pass to 6 different receivers, including 3 to TE Dante Rosario.

DeAngelo Williams - 4th consecutive 100 yards games, 5 total this season. Scored a TD in each of his last four games. 0 Fumbles for the season. Tied the team record of consecutive 100 yard game with Nick Goings (2004) and Steven Davis (2003). He set the team record of most 100 yard games with 8 total.

Steve Smith - Back again. Of course Delhomme taking two games off didn't help him either, but Smith had eight receptions for 168 yards. This marks his 26th 100 yard day.

Offensive Line - Yeah they did allow three sacks, but they also allowed Delhomme the time to pass for this 295 yards and for Williams go over 100 yards again. It was good to see the "starters" back on the field again.

Next week - After an embarsement like this, the Defense will want to make a statement, at least they better want to.

I'll leave you with this quote by Beason talking about how the defense didn't do it's part:

"Offense scored 28 ... and we should win the game," angry Panthers middle linebacker Jon Beason said. "Twenty-eight points is sufficient."

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