Reviewing the Key Match-ups: Lions vs Panthers

I'd usually start with some recap of the game, but everything I've written has turned into a post for next weeks game. So I'll just say, how accurate where Revshawn and I in picking the key players this week? Let's look.

First Revshawn's Panthers offensive picks:

Jake Delhomme vs bad passing

This one was a given and he picked it right. While Delhomme didn't have a huge bounce back game with multiple touchdowns and lots of yards, he didn't make the mistakes he did against the Raiders. But a lot of that came down to DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewarts huge day. He didn't have to make the plays. He did have some bad throws but overall he did fine.

Steve Smith/Moose vs Travis Fisher/Leigh Bodden

Any prediction of the receivers is of course tied back to Delhomme. If Delhomme struggles the receivers will strugle to put up numbers as well. Saying Delhomme only through 19 passes, it hard to judge this matchup. On the other hand, Steve Smith had a fumble and Moose only caught one pass. Overall not that great, but the Lions CB didn't have to do their jobs extremely well, as most of the game the ball was in Williams' or Stewart's hands.

DeAngelo Williams vs injured D-Line

No question he nailed it on this one. The Lions didn't look they could stop DeShaun Foster, and that's saying something. Williams finished the day with 120 yards and 2 touchdowns. However, Stewart was a big factor in the game as well finishing with 130 yards and 1 touchdown. As has been pointed out before, this is the first time in Panther history two running back rushed for over 100 yards in the same game.

Panthers O-line vs Lions D-Line

I'll do what Revshawn did to save some time. See above :) Solid pick

Dante Rosario vs Lion linebackers

I can't disagree with this pick but unfortunately it wasn't his day again. However, what was right was the TE position. TE Jeff King had a 15 yard TD reception that finally put the Panthers on the board after being down 10-0.

Onto my match-ups.

Detriots QB Daunte Culpepper vs Panthers Secondary.

In Daunte Culpepper's second game since coming out of retirement, he looked pretty good and I was surprised. This is why I don't like facing a new QB. He put up 207 yards on 35 attempts, completing 20 of them and pass for one touchdown. However, he ultimately put up two interceptions, the second of which sealed the win for the Panthers, once Williams scored our final TD. Saying that our secondary is currently our strength in D, I would have liked to keep him under 200 yard, but 7 over I'll give them a break. Really our passing defense played well. Good call here.

Lions WR Calvin Johnson vs Panthers CB Ken Lucas/S Charles

The Panthers Secondary did a decent job of containing Johnson, as the only big name threat down field. His 29 yard TD catch was most of his yards for the rest of the game, only gaining another 36 yards on 5 additional receptions. Regardless the secondary had another good game and held their ground as the 5th ranked passing defense.

Lions Offensive line vs Panthers Defensive Line

Early this game the Lions offensive line dominated. As the game progressed the Panthers DL did perform better but still didn't play well. The Panthers allowed their second 100 yard rusher this season. The rush defense will have to step it up next week. On the other hand, the pass rush play well. Julius Peppers had another two sack game and several key plays. DE Tyler Brayton only had one sack, but played a key role in the second interception of the game in containing Culpepper as he rolled out of the pocket.


I'll leave it to you to decided if we called it right this game. Overall I think we did decent job.

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