Top 5 Offensive Matchups for the Panthers vs the Lions

Here you are guys, the top 5 offensive matchups for the upcoming game. But first a miniture rant.

What else is there to say about the Detroit Lions? They're the worst team in the league, and somehow their coaches believe that they can make Daunte Cullpepper their QB of the future. It's hard to get in the mind of the coaches and figure out what they think they're doing. While we're at it, it's tough to figure out why they're even coaches at all. Now remember I'm talking about the coaches here, and them alone. I love their general manager. The Lions robbed the Cowboys with the Roy Williams trade, securing a 1st, a 3rd, and a 6th round pick in 09 when they were busy panicking over Tony Romo getting hurt.

What a great move to help the future of the franchise. If the Lions have any sense left in them, they shall fire half the coaches on their team and keep this guy. He recognized that the playoff race was over for them so he made a move that he thought would be best for the team, and he hit a home run. He's a business genius.

But back to the coaches. I don't care how bad a team you are concerning the players, a team doing this bad can only be a result of a bad coaching staff. Look at the Miami Dolphins. They barely avoided being the leagues second 0-16 team with a win against the Ravens. One coaching revamp later they have a winning record and they're still in the race for a wildcard spot. So all the Lion fans out there can be hopeful. Cry for the owner to have a firing field day and give the whole coaching staff a pink slip. That's what you guys need the most.

Now onto the matchups.

1. Jake Delhomme vs bad passing

Jake Delhomme finished with one of his worst days in his career against the Oakland Raiders, finishing with just one touchdown and 4 interceptions. He didn't complete one pass in the 2nd half of the game. Jake Delhomme should rebound from this against a defense rated 29th in defending the pass. Expect for Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith to have their way for the entire game. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Steve Smith/Moose vs Travis Fisher/Leigh Bodden

Bodden is clearly the better corner in this matchup, but he seems to not be playing up to the level he played with when he was a member of the Cleveland Browns. On the other side of the field, Fisher only has two passes defended for the year. Two. Should he get matched up with Steve Smith you can expect him to be burned.

3. Diangelo Williams vs injured D-Line

Our running game shouldn't face much of a challenge this week, literally every starter of the defensive line is suffering from some injury or another. They're going to have to bring the blitz if they want to stop our running game, and they won't be able to do that with Steve Smith running amuck in the backfield waiting for Delhomme to air it out. Williams should break over 100 yards andStewart should be a non factor as he gets limited carries while recovering from a injured foot.

4. Panthers O-line vs Lions D-Line

See first sentence of #3.

5. Dante Rosario vs Lion linebackers.

I told you before this was going to be a weekly thing. This will go on until Dante Rosario starts looking like Wesley Walls. So cmon Rosario! Break out and become the beast we know you can be! Honestly though, he has a big chance of getting some catches this game. He's the best pass catching TE we have, and I want him to get some catches.

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