Fan Poll: Should the Panthers Commit to the Two-Kicker Roster for 4 More Years?

The Panthers signed their lone original Panther K John Kasay to a 4-year extension essentially confirming Kasay will retire a Panther.

Kasay, 39 and the last of the original Panthers, is the franchise's all-time leading scorer and passed Jan Stenerud last week for eighth place on the NFL's all-time field goal list with 374.

"We are very pleased to know that John is going to remain a Carolina Panther," said general manager Marty Hurney. "He has meant so much to the organization and is valuable in many ways."

I can't agree more. Kasay is riding a 20 kick streak that has him close to his personal best. Yet if you read some of the comments in the blog linked above you will see not all fans agree with this move.

Who will be cut next year (and the next 3 years) to make room for Kasay and Lloyd?

could we loose great talant like Will Witherspoon and others...(i am fine if guys like keary Colbert and Drew Carter are waived)

Posted by: Voice o' reason | Oct 29, 2008 3:09:46 PM



I don't see the reason in that statement. We're talking about the last roster spot, since they all have the same worth so there is no impact on free agent signings. Here's a guy who thinks we should toss P Jason Baker instead.

JayJ6 I kinda agree with you and Voice O' Reason...

waste a roster spot on an OLD, should be retired Kicker whose 3 kickoffs away from a nursing home. we cant waste a roster spot to have 2 kickers... Can Rhys Lloyd Punt the ball better than Baker? i mean he playerd soccer... surely he can punt 40-55 yards

Michael Proction

Maybe Kasay is 3 kick offs away from retirement but we'll never know if that's true since he is NO LONGER KICKING OFF.

I don't why people are fretting over the whole roster spot aspect. Rhys Lloyd continues to contribute to the field position battle every week. Of what value was the roster spots given to QB Josh McCown and G Mackenzy Bernadeau to the victory over the Cardinals? Neither logged a minute in the game.

Basically I think both these guys above are clueless and just simply want to bitch about something. I myself agree with this comment:

Great kickers are about like great defensive ends or great quarter backs. They are hard to find and with one play can literally make or break your team. Kasay has proven himself to be a great kicker. So to everybody who's knocking this move... stupid is as stupid does. I for one am glad to be keeping him around another few years. - Huskerfan

There is occasionally a voice of reason that rises above the madness that is the blog I consider the Gen Pop of Bloggers hell. My apologies for giving the idiots a voice.

Let's settle this with appointed poll.

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