Delhomme Gets Knocked Around by ESPN

ESPN is running a series on each NFL team by giving a so-called ‘camp report’ and 2007 preview. In the Panthers preview section Len Pasquarelli gives some love to Travelle Wharton  as the best-kept secret on the team and to Steve Smith as the worst-kept secret on the team. Chris Draft also gives some nice comments out to Peppers and his impact on the whole defense. But when they turn things over to an anonymous NFL scout for the cloak-and-dagger section, things get interesting.

The problem is Jake Delhomme. His decision-making is terrible. He was pathetic at times last season. Against Cincinnati he looked like he was point-shaving.

Point-shaving?! That’s some pretty hard criticism and I think over the line. But of course it’s an ‘anonymous’ scout so they can say whatever they want. I’m sorry but if you’re going to print something like that you should ID your source.  ESPN can get so tabloid some times.

Jake continues to get bashed by people who don’t know or don’t evaluate Jake’s overall performance. They see a few film clips and make an evaluation. Sure, the Panthers struggled and Jake made some poor decisions at times. Statistically speaking he didn’t have a bad year. It’s just that the Panthers failed to meet expectations which were set very high. With Dan Henning gone there's no one left to blame. I’m going to enjoy watching Jake prove them wrong.


Matt Moore Cowboys Training Camp Report

After seeing the Panthers sign Matt Moore after he was cut I put up a post over at SB Nation site Blogging the Boys to get the low down on Moore from some Cowboy fanatics. Grizz, the BTB blogger, was at Cowboys TC for two weeks so he had a first hand account of how Moore did.

Grizz: Hard to say...he looked like a rookie with some talent...he moved the offense a couple of times in preseason, but he wasn't that impressive...he's got a ways to go before he’s ready

Some other BTB members chimed in on Moore as well.

Deke - showed some promise, good arm, throws a ice ball, he's very thin, needs a lot of work, but showed enough for cowboy fans to want him kept on the 53 man roster, but with a big question mark at the corner position we had to cut him for a roster spot, tried to sneak him through waivers, didn't work.

Terry - you'll be very happy with him, Cowboys made a big mistake in cutting him

Seems like the guy has some upside, at least as much as Brett Basanez has. I still hope he doesn't actually see the field unless we're up in a route.

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