Panthers Preseason Game 1 Film Review

After reviewing a replay of the game on the NFL Network I have the following summary of positives and negatives.

As widely reported the first team offense played well. The zone blocking resulted in some nice cut back running by Foster and Goings. They had close to 100 yards combined in the first half. Foster looked exceptionally sharp and ran with power. On one run he broke a couple tackles and delivered a nice pop to the CB. Jake’s new hard count resulting in an off side call. More importantly the first team was 3 for 3 on 3rd down conversions. The only slight negative I can mention is I think Wharton got handled on a few plays resulting in running plays getting blown up.

The first team defense played well too forcing a punt on the Giants first series. If not for the short field on the second series the Panthers may have held the. Beason looked good with the second team and Lucas made a nice play on an end around. Seward was quick to the hole and made some nice plays filling in for Morgan.

The only glaring negative was kick-off coverage where we allowed returns of 24, 67 and 30 yards. Our kick returns sucked as well except for a nice return that Ryne ended up fumbling out of bounds. The punt coverage was good for the most part but Ryne did very little on punt returns. He had one for ten yards but the others sucked.

Players on the bubble who helped themselves:
Taye Biddle – speed and hands and two touchdowns never hurts, this guy should make the team
Otis Grigsby – he was all over the QB in the fourth quarter
Christain Morton – He made several nice plays in the 4th quater

First Defensive Series
• McClover had a nice recover to force the FB out of bounds
• Seward filled the hole quickly
• Eli overthrew WR on 3rd & 4

First Offensive Series• Pass batted down – Wharton
• Nice cut back by Foster – 6 yards
• Carter converts 3rd & 3
• Defensive off-sides – hard count
• Bad throw behind King, he almost comes up with it
• Nice cut back by Foster for nine yards
• Goings converts 3rd & 1
• Delhomme grossly overthrows Smith on an out pattern
• Foster nice cutback left, bowls over three guys before going down
• Goings cut back right for 21 yards, shows good speed
• Smith TD on crossing route, Delhomme was zeroed in on him

2nd Defense Series• Coverage sack by McClover, QB ran forward and squashed
• End around to Moss covered well by Lucas who got off his block and held to one yard
• Moss wide open on short cross for first down. Lucas was head up but backed off into zone.
• Seven yards over Kemo who was double teamed. Anderson pushed back.
• McClover wraps up Eli but doesn’t get the sack
• Threads the needle to Shockey - TD

2nd Offensive Series - Delhomme/Carr
• Screen to Foster for 9 yds
• On 2nd & 1 Foster sweeps right for 31
• Carr in, second team in, screen to Goings goes no where
• Quick out to Rosario
• Carr sacked, on the run immediately

3rd Defensive Series - Carr
• Allowed a 3rd & 5 QB keeper for 14 yards by the Hefty Lefty
• Harris run blitzes for the stop
• Beason makes nice stop on run up the middle
• Seward almost picks one on 3rd down

3rd Offensive Series - Carr
• Biddle gets a pass interference call
• Goings on a draw for nine
• Quick slant to Ryne, nice pass by Carr over LB and hits him in stride
• Roll out left, drop by Goings
• Goings cuts back left for ten yards
• Goings stuffed going up the middle, play blown up by D line, Mathis blown back by 91 DE Tuck
• Goings stuffed going left
• Carr pressured out of pocket, rolls right, throws it away

4th Defensive Series• Quick WR screen covered well by Deloatch & 94
• Deloatch misses a tackle, allows first down
• Marshall makes nice tackle on draw play
• Beason almost gets sack on blitz, forces bad pass almost intercepted by Ball
• On 4th down we give up a screen play left for 32 yards, thrown over a blitz from that side
• Draw for a TD, 92 could not get off his block

4th Offensive Series
• Horn across middle for ten yards
• Carr overthrows Horn down the middle but we get a "hit on a defenseless receiver call" on the hit by a Giants rookie who should have gone for the interception. The ball floated
• Deep curl to Ryne for 15 yards, he has the presence of mind to get out of bounds with 17 seconds in the half
• Carr steps up and tackled for one yard
• A wide open Biddle scores a TD down right sideline as Giants have a breakdown when CB plays the short zone and the safety fails to get over

5th Offensive – Basanez at QB
• Basanez finds no one open and goes up the middle for two yards
• Shelton up middle for two
• Nice pass to slot receiver Biddle over CB in stride for 85 yard TD

5th Defensive Series
• Smith gets first down over the middle, Beason covers
• Run up middle stuffed
• Sweep right, fail to complete the tackle and the RB breaks free for 15 yards
• Shaw makes good tackle on a off tackle run
• On 3rd down screen sniffed out by Grigsby, pass thrown away as D. Lewis pressured the Hefty Lefty

6th Offensive - Basanez
• Shelton sweep right for 7 yards
• Horn misses one through his hands, not a good pass
• On 3rd down, Basanez flushed right, throws it away.

6th Defensive
• Sweep right for 9 yards
• Pay action right, roll out left, pass to TE covered nicely by Beason, no gain
• 1st down gained off left tackle for 3 yards
• Shaw flagged for pass interference and 46 Gardent flagged for roughing passer
• Newton had nice coverage on a bomb down the right sideline, incomplete
• CB Strait cooked on fade to corner of end zone, TD

7th Offensive Series – Basanez• Shelton up middle for three
• Horn adjusts and makes nice catch for 1st down
• Shelton cuts to hole and gets five yards
• Youngblood drops a ball low, hard catch
• Sack on a blitz

7th Defensive• 29 gets a nice tackle on sweep right
• Sack by Ball, Williams and Lavalais
• On 3rd and ten, Beason covers TE and stops him short of first down

Since there was no scoring in the 4th quarter I’m not going to separate the series

Offense – 4th Quarter – Basanez
• Shelton for 4 yards up the middle
• Sacked on LB
• On 3rd down, deep out to Gilmore tipped at last second, incomplete
• Quick slant to Youngblood for ten yards
• Shelton hit in backfield, shakes two defenders to get back to line of scrimmage
• Draw to Shelton for five yards
• 3rd down pass to 84 TE incomplete
• Jackson up the middle for three, then another for no gain, and another

Defense – 4th quarter
• Sweep left covered quickly by 39
• Throw away, pressure by Grigsby
• 3rd down pass incomplete pass, covered by Morton
• Run up middle stuffed
• Play action deep pass broken up by Strait, nice play, Grigsby puts pressure on QB
• QB almost sacked by Grigsby, screen to RB for 1st down
• RB cuts back for 15 yards
• Morton breaks up a pass to the left
• Pass complete for 15
• Nice tackle on a run left by Morton
• Morton breaks up a pass down right sideline
• Morton jars a pass loose, no catch
• Beason covers a QB scramble up middle
• Bad snap, sack by Johnson and Lewis
• Big pop by 67 on a screen pass

Special Teams Results

Allowed a 24 yard kick-off return
Allowed a 67 yard return, straight up the right hash mark, nothing fancy
1st punt received – no return, handled by Harris
Ryne gets 30 yard KO return, fumbles out of bounds
Allow a 35 yard KO return
Ryne 19 yard kick return, wall was stuffed
Ryne 20 yard KO return, then holding
Nice punt coverage on 4 yard punt return, Shelton makes the tackle
Ryne has a 16 yard KO return
Nice punt coverage by Garrett, for only 4 yards
Ryne gets a 10 yard punt return
Nice punt coverage, no gain, tackle by the snapper Kyle
Horn gets a 5 yard return
Panther punt downed at 2 yard line
Allowed an 8 yard punt return

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