Delhomme Rehab Update

The Canadian Press caught up with Jake Delhomme to check on how rehab is coming on the most important elbow in Panther history. Given the sad state of the QB position I hope to get regular updates on "the elbow".

"It's very boring. It's football season and I'm not doing it," Delhomme said. "I look forward to getting up and arguing with Terrence Melton and Brett Basanez in the training room. That's the highlight of my day. That's where it is."

Ok...uummm...the elbow Jake?

"Last week was tough with the chants. I've been on the other side of that when I was in New Orleans," said Delhomme, a former backup with the Saints. "It's hard because you're trying to get a win. But that's the contract we signed when we were young to play quarterback."

Ok Jake...we know its painful to watch the Panthers right now but how’s the elbow doing?

But to me you look at the big picture," Delhomme said. "Green Bay was 4-8 team last year and they won their last four games and then don't have too many different guys this year than last year. You have to go through tough times and hopefully we will get it turned around."

Not if you don’t fix that damn elbow Jake. BTW, isn’t it amazing we are now looking to Green Bay for inspiration? The same Green Bay who was 4-12 two years ago.

Apparently this is what you get when Canadians talk football. Honestly, what did they expect Jake to say? "Sitting on the sideline during a blowout loss to an inferior opponent is fun!"

"You want to feel a part of it. Yeah, I'm a part but I'm not helping," Delhomme said. "You try to help mentally, but you want to be able to help. That's the toughest part for me, that competition void I have."

I guess it’s hard to play Madden with a bum elbow. It’s even harder for a Canadian journalist to ask an obvious question about the health of the teams most important player. Can anyone now reasonably argue that Jake Delhomme is not the Panthers MVP over the past four seasons?

[Update by Jaxon on Thursday Nov. 29th: gets it right and offers a true update on the "elbow".

"I feel great," Delhomme said. "... I'm at 100 percent flexion and extension. We can actually start doing some light weights tomorrow.

When asked whether he may try to do some things to speed up his recovery Jake answered in classic Cajun Jake form:

"I won't rush," he said. "... Dr. (Pat) Connor told me, `Hey, from week eight until week 16, you're going to twiddle your thumbs. That's part of it. And I will not try to go and throw a ball in the backyard, because that makes absolutely no sense."

Delhomme added: "Everybody thinks you get smarter as you get older; maybe you just learn a little bit from being dumb when you're young."

This is great news for Panthers fans. End Update]

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