Panthers Offense Now the Worst in the NFL?

Everyone is piling on the Panthers as were getting long lists of what is wrong with the Panthers.

A partial list of Sunday's ineptitude:
•  An illegal formation penalty (by Jeff King) wiped out a 35-yard first-quarter completion from Carr to Drew Carter. Antwan Lake sacked Carr on the next play.
•  Carolina couldn't convert a fourth-and-less-than-1 (Brad Hoover) from Saints' 35-yard line to start the second quarter.
•  Not counting a defensive pass interference penalty, the Panthers did not manage a first down until their final drive of the first half.
•  The aforementioned drive reached New Orleans' 4-yard line. Mike Wahle moved before the snap on second-and-goal. Two plays later the Panthers had to settle for Kasey's second field goal.
•  On the second half's opening possession, the Panthers were not in the right defensive alignment on a third-and-8 play. Ken Lucas tried to call a timeout ( and took a couple steps towards the ref), didn't get it and was burned by Devery Henderson for a 33-yard gain. Three plays later, the Saints scored a touchdown and had a 17-6 lead.
•  On the ensuing drive, Carr passed incomplete on second-and-1. DeShaun Foster managed to run backwards before fumbling the ball on the next play (trying to make a play). Carr covered the ball for a loss of 12 yards.
•  Trailing 24-6 on the next drive, Carolina ran one offensive play resulting in a lost fumble by Foster (again trying to make a play).
•  Later, for some reason, Lucas spiked the ball following an incomplete pass, resulting in a rare delay of game on the defense.
•  Before Moore (8-of-14 for 66 yards and one interception) entered the game, Carolina averaged three plays per second-half possession.

To recap: Carolina can't even line up correctly, can't move the ball when they do and can't score because they keep handing the ball to the other team. When the other team gets the ball, the defense can't get out of its own way long enough to stop it.

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"We just need to get guys healthy and get a guy who can go in there and make some plays and win football games," Carr said.

Does that include you David or are you volunteering to be the back-up? I get the feeling David Carr knows his days in the NFL are numbered. Imagine how much money he has made to date? He doesn’t need to work another day most likely. I don’t begrudge him the money he’s made; he’s earned it given the hits he’s taken.  Please just throw in the towel so Panther fans can move on.

Right now we're probably one of the worst teams in the NFL right now, by the way we're playing," said cornerback Ken Lucas. "I know we're not talent wise, it's just not showing on the field. We've got to get this thing fixed, at least end this season positive fashion. But a lot of things will have to change in how we're playing."

It needs to start at QB if were going to actually score more than 17 points in a game. We need two tackles that can protect, guards that can pull and a center who can prevent the pocket from collapsing up the middle. We need a #2 receiver and a free safety that can make a freakin play.

As I write this post the Dolphins still haven't scored against the Steelers so I think its safe to say the Panthers are no worse then 2nd worst offense in the NFL. Maybe worse offense in the NFC?

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