John Fox is Out of Answers

John Fox would certainly love to skip the post-game interviews these days. He doesn’t have more to offer than stating the obvious.

I know everyone wants to pin it on the quarterback," Panthers coach John Fox said. "I think it's fairly evident it's not just the quarterback. Right now we're just not a very good football team ... and the buck stops here."

True, the quarterbacking was terrible today. Yet there were many other errors to point to as contributing to a blowout loss to another below-average team. The Saints have one of the worse pass defenses in the league yet Saints CB Keith McKenzie looked like he was on three-way with Carr and Davidson. DeShaun Foster reminded us of his propensity to drop the rock. In his defense on all three fumbles he was guilty of trying too hard to make a play. He just needs to learn when to give up on a play. David Carr on the other hand just needs a clue as he obviously missed the point of one Panther fan chant:

But not before fans started chanted "We want Moore."
"It's not like we were purposely trying to not score points," Carr said. "They were chanting 'More' -- that they wanted more points. And we were trying to give it to them."

Maybe he was saying it "tongue in cheek" I don’t know but if this guy still doesn’t get the feeling the team has quit on him then maybe he is a little dense.  Take the money and run David while you still have half your wits and both knees.

One more rant before my final point: On the Saints first drive at the start of the second half the Panthers had 3rd down & 8 and Panther CB Ken Lucas tries to call a timeout before the play. He goes so far as to take a few steps towards the ref. Bad move as Saints QB Drew Brees then hits Devery Henderson for 33 yards because Lucas stepped off the play. WTF was that!!! Dumbass move Lucas. The Saints then score and the game is over.

Coach Fox, you need to bench some people on both sides of the ball if you want to restore some faith. Even if it doesn’t work Panthers fans will not fault you for trying. If you keep just doing the same thing we are going to pull our hair out. Here’s some changes to consider:

• Bench DeShaun Foster for DeAngelo Williams
• Bench Colbert for Jarrett and move Carter to #2
• Bench Kemo for Moorehead
• Bench Hartwig for Kalil
• Bench King for Fauria (King gets too many penalties)
• Bench Rucker for McClover

I wish I could suggest more but we just lack depth in the defensive secondary. With Chris Harris and Deke Cooper in there that is about as good as we have. Let’s see if Fox finally makes some changes or keeps doing the same thing.

The bigger question is how long will owner Jerry Richardson accept declining attendance? It was very obvious in the telecast that the stadium had a lot of empty seats. Those "so hard to get" Cowboy tickets are suddenly looking very attainable! Cowboy fans should jump on it!

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