Panther Injury Update

Jake Delhomme Update

Here's a good article on various and the injury status of Delhomme and Morgan.

Jake Delhomme said he's still hoping to avoid surgery on his strained right elbow. Delhomme isn't feeling any pain, but added that's probably because he hasn't attempted to throw a football since straining his elbow against the Falcons. He's waiting for the go-ahead from trainer Ryan Vermillion to begin throwing and even expressed some outside optimism he might get that chance later this week.

I think David Carr will perform better this weekend but in the end Jake gives us the best chance of winning. I still don't think he's going to be back for a couple more weeks if at all. Let's hope surgery is not needed.

Dan Morgan Update

"I didn't break anything," Morgan said. "It's the Achilles' tendon. I messed it up a little bit. I didn't tear it all the way, but I tore it a little bit."

"I've been through a lot of injuries and it almost gets to the point where it's laughable almost," Morgan said. "I take it for what it is. I'll be back."

Morgan said the ankle had been bothering him since training camp.
"I had a little bit of inflammation in there," Morgan said. "It was fine and I was working through it. I finally felt something a little different."

This injury wouldn't be such a big deal if Adam Seward wasn't hurt as well. James Anderson filled in admirably but he's never played MLB before last week. No word yet on Sewards status (calf) for this week.

DeShaun Foster

Foster is not injuried but I'm just as concerned about his inability to hold onto the ball.

Running back DeShaun Foster's inability to hold on to the football is once again becoming an issue for the Carolina Panthers. Foster, who has struggled holding on to the football in the past, fumbled twice on Sunday, giving him four for the season. Three of those have resulted in turnovers.
He also dropped two passes in Carolina's 20-7 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Foster finished the game with 64 yards on 13 carries and caught three passes for 17 yards.
"Anytime we put the ball on the ground, it's a concern," Fox said.

This is the only thing tarnishing Fosters great start. If he puts it on the ground this weekend then Fox should put him on the bench.

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