The Blogger Skinny on Matt Moore

I started writing this post prior to the Vinnie Testaverde signing but I still find it pertinent since we’re still only two hits away from having Matt Moore call the signals. David Carr is banged up and may not be able to go this Sunday against the Cardinals. That leaves it to the 43 year old journeyman QB who has been waiting since the end of TC to get the call. I was actually a Bucs fan back in the 80’s living in St. Pete, FL and I can remember when Vinnie came out of Miami. It seems like a lifetime ago. Say what you will about his skills at this point but he certainly must be tough as nails. We’re around the same age so I find his ability to endure the pounding of the NFL even more amazing. Even so, you have to be realistic. At that age, he could not only get hurt at any moment, he could go straight to a retirement home.

So, since I don’t know much about Matt Moore I decided to ask my blogger brethren via a diary over at Blogging the Boys, the SB Nation Cowboys blog. Here’s some of what the Cowboy's blogosphere had to say about Moore’s time in Dallas during his rookie training camp.

He played with poise has a strong arm and seemed to be able to make all the throws. He did not look like a rookie and did not get 'happy feet' when there was pressure in and around the pocket.
You never know until the bell rings, but he appears to have the tools to be a starter in the NFL. - bulletbob

His arm strength is not all that great but decent.  He seems to make smart decisions and he is pretty accurate.  Now keep in mind I am basing this on him playing against scrubs in preseason games.  I'd say he has future in this league at least as a backup. – Burt D

He will start one day he has all the tools to succeed one day, maybe sooner than latter. But as with any young QB he has to be groomed right. – Romo9

I watched Matt at Oregon State as well as here. He is a smart player who maximizes his strengths and is an outstanding leader – Lee3022

He was very poised however seemed like an unpolished Romo.  Will throw a crazy pass too often, but throws very accurately on the run when flushed out of the pocket. - Brandon

That’s good because we know QB’s will always be on the run at some point.

In closing, some comments attributed to Jaws during the recent draft:

He looked good for the very limited amount of time he was playing in preseason games. Ron Jaworski was very high on the kid and was very surprised that he wasn't drafted; I remember Jaws was glowing about the kid for two days during the draft. He is raw, throws a nice tight spiral, needs to bulk up as he’s very lanky, He better learn quick as he is now one hit away from being the starter down there with Delhomme out. - Deke

So it seems this kid may just have a future in Carolina. I’ll bet the Panthers scouted him prior to the draft but didn’t pull the trigger. He must have shown something since the Panthers ditched Basanez for him without blinking an eye. We just may get a good look at him real soon.

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